Having set up shop since 2006 inside an authentic art-déco bistrot, wine and cheese experts Stéphane

and Janique Fina welcome you right in the center of Isle sur Sorgue.

A wine merchant trained as a sommelier, Stéphane will guide you through an inventory of more than

300 wines, 150 liquors and spirits, and more than 50 whiskies from different countries.

The team at   Chez Stéphane   will welcome you every day with a careful selection of wines and a choice of sheep, goat and cow artisan cheeses aged to perfection. You will also be able to sit down and nibble

at the savory tartines, assortments of cold cuts and cheeses presented on slates, as well as pastries

and preserved fruits, all freshly prepared by a selection of the best local artisans.

Come join the locals during events organized all year round around themes like fondues, Champagne, Beaujolais or rose wine, often accompanied by live music. 

Last but not least, seek personalized services from Stéphane: product guidance, how to prepare

a cheese tray, local delivery by bike messenger...